Jet2 Airlines Flight Delays and Cancellation Compensation

Have You Had A Flight Delayed For 3 Hours Or More?

Standing as the eighth largest airline in the UK, Jet2 is based at the Leeds Bradford Airport and transports passengers around the world to about 58 various destinations. While cancellations and delays do occur within this airline, they are currently among the more the punctual operators flying out of the UK.

In the event of a cancellation or delay without proper notice, Jet2 flight passengers become entitled to a maximum of €600 in compensation, according to EC Regulation 261/2004. To see how much compensation you would be eligible to claim, you can start by using our free online flight compensation calculator. If you find yourself on a journey disrupted by a flight delay, we will work to protect your rights and ensure you receive your Jet2 flight delay compensation promptly.

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Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation Calculator:

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Rights For Jet2 Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

Travellers qualify for Jet2 holidays flight delay compensation for certain services and benefits when faced with a cancellation or a delayed flight, including the following:

  • Per EU regulations, passengers can claim a maximum of €600 in compensation depending on their flight’s total distance.
  • You are compensated whenever your flight suffers a three-hour or more delay, becomes overbooked, or gets cancelled outright.
  • You are compensated regardless of your ticket’s price.
  • You can submit a Jet2 flight delay compensation claim as much as six years after your original flight.

How To Claim Flight Delay Compensation From Jet2

If you discover your flight is to be heavily delayed, there a few things you can do to help speed the process along and get your Jet2 flight delay compensation at a much faster rate:

  • Find an airline representative and ask them to confirm what is causing the delay.
  • While still present in the airport, make sure to insist that you receive your basic benefits and services as part of your Jet2 compensation package.
  • Collect proof of the delay as well as proof that your journey was disrupted by it—photos/screenshots of the departure and arrival boards, vouchers you received from the airline, receipts for any expenses you had because of the delay, etc.
  • Find other affected passengers and exchange contact information to corroborate each other’s situation.
  • Also, do not forget to fill out a proper Jet2 flight delay compensation claim form to ensure all benefits are received.


Conditions For A Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation Claim

The compensation you receive for a delay is based on the delay’s total length and not how much you paid for your ticket. With EU regulations as they currently stand, your flight must reach its destination within three hours of its scheduled time or compensation protocol applies. Claims you make will be retrospectively valid for a maximum of six years following the flight. Here are some guidelines regarding the amount of compensation you would qualify for:

  • Flights less than 1500 km: €250.
  • Flights between 1501 km and 3500 km: €400.
  • Flights over 3500 km: €600.

To get an illustration of how much compensation you are entitled to, here is a concise breakdown:

Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more
1,500km - 3,500km
3 hours or more
Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more & between 2 EU Member States
Over 3,500km
3-4 hours
Over 3,500km
4 hours

Additional Services for Delayed or Cancelled Flights:

Prolonged delays ultimately mean that passengers become entitled to a few benefits from the airline. Any flight delay compensation Jet2 offers you will depend on your flight’s total distance as well as the delay’s length. 

Below is a quick look at what you would be eligible for:

Additional Information On Jet2 Airlines

  • Based at the Leeds Bradford Airport in Yeadon, England.
  • The airline has flown more than fifty million passengers since opening in 1983.
  • Jet2 has a fleet consisting of 71 aircraft and is currently linked to 58 airports.
  • Jet2 is currently one of the UK’s best performers when it comes to punctuality, but, as with all airlines, they do still have occasional disruptions in the form of delays and cancellations.
  • The airline is somewhat slow when it comes to paying out flight delay compensation. Jet2 has also needed to be taken to court on occasion to secure payments.
  • Jet2 allows you to check-in online as early as 28 days before your flight or as late as five hours prior to takeoff.
  • Jet2 also has an app for making things easier, allowing you access to online check-in while also keeping you informed regarding any news or changes about your scheduled flight.