Emirates Flight Delay and Cancellation Compensation

Has Your Flight Been Excessively Delayed For 3 Hours Or More?

Established in October 1985, Emirates Airlines is the fourth largest airline worldwide, flying with the slogan “Fly Emirates.” Emirates flies to 75 countries in over 140 destinations and operates a fleet of 246 Boeing and Airbus aircraft, making it a rarity among other airlines. While the airline has taken new steps in place to help avoid delays and cancellations, they can still happen due to heavy traffic and occasional technical issues.

Fortunately, current EU regulations entitle passengers affected by delayed or cancelled flights to Emirates flight delay compensation. Emirates must follow these regulations, and FDC Claims can help to enforce your rights and help even the odds between you and the airline. Our online free calculator can let you see directly how much Emirates Airline flight delay compensation you can claim. Our team can help you understand these rights and get you a fair payout in due time.

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Rights For Emirates Flight Delays and Cancellations

When you are travelling, you are entitled to certain benefits and services whenever you suffer a delayed flight or cancellation, including the following:

  • According to EC Regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to up to €600 (this depends on the distance of your scheduled flight).
  • You are compensated regardless of your ticket’s price.
  • You can be compensated when a flight is delayed over three hours, overbooked, or cancelled outright.
  • For flight delay compensation, Emirates allows you to make claims up to six years following your scheduled flight.

How To Claim From Emirates Airlines

If you find yourself at the wrong end of a heavily delayed flight, you have several options that could help speed up the process and help you collect your Emirates flight delay compensation much faster:

  • Find an Emirates representative and obtain the cause of the flight delay.
  • Collect proof of the delay—screenshots or pictures of the arrival and departure boards, any delay-related vouchers you received, receipts of incurred expenses (taxi, hotel room) etc.
  • While at the airport, make a direct request to receive the basic benefits and services owed to you as part of the Emirates claims package.
  • Confer with your fellow affected passengers and exchange contact info as corroboration that you were affected by the delay.


Emirates Flight Delay Compensation Rules

Rather than be determined by ticket price, the amount you are to be paid for flight delay compensation will be determined by flight distance. If your flight delay has been longer than three hours, you are eligible for a claim, which you can post as much as six years after the flight itself.

The amount of money they will have to pay you is as follows:

Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more
1,500km - 3,500km
3 hours or more
Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more & between 2 EU Member States
Over 3,500km
3-4 hours
Over 3,500km
4 hours

Additional Services for Delayed or Cancelled Flights:

When you are facing a heavily delayed or cancelled flight, you qualify for certain benefits, which will differ based on the flight’s distance as well as the total delay.

You will find a brief look into the various services and benefits you are entitled to below:

Additional Information On Emirates Airlines

  • The main hub is located at Dubai International Airport, with its headquarters being found in Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Emirates provides three kinds of flight classes, including Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.
  • Emirates flight cancellations and delays are usually the result of heavy cargo traffic, air traffic, and technical issues.
  • Emirates has a frequent flyer program called Skywards, where passengers may redeem miles and earn points.
  • The airline has a lost/delayed baggage policy, which compensates passengers if baggage becomes lost or there are items missing from luggage.
  • Despite being a non-EU airline, the Emirates flight delay compensation policy adheres to EC Regulation 261/2004, which allows that you can be compensated if you travel with Emirates to non-EU airports from EU airports.
  • Emirates allows for online check-in as early as 48 hours before departure but no later than 90 minutes prior to takeoff, thus preventing congested check-ins queues.
  • You can use the Emirates Airlines app to check in online, and the app will also keep you informed about any news or changes related to your flight.