EasyJet Flight Delays and Cancellation Compensation

Has Your Airline Flight Been Delayed For At Least 3 Hours?

As the airline with the most outbound flights originating out of the United Kingdom, EasyJet is also one of the most popular airlines for U.K. travellers. Currently, the airline is operating between more than 130 destination airports across the entire continent. As with any major airline, however, delays and cancellations are inevitable.

As the traveller, you have rights when booking a ticket with EasyJet and FDC Claims is here to help you protect those rights. For your convenience, we have provided a free online calculator to estimate your due compensation. You can use this tool to check your eligibility for EasyJet flight delay compensation if you experience any delays or cancellations to your travel on this airline.

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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator:

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Rights For EasyJet Flight Delays and Cancellations

As a traveller, you have certain entitlements if you experience delay or cancellation problems when travelling with EasyJet:

  • EU law states you may receive up to €600 flight delay compensation, regardless of the price paid for the ticket
  • This law is in effect for flights up to six-years-old
  • You are entitled to this compensation when the flight in question was delayed by three hours (limited benefits for certain flights delayed by two hours) or more or has been outright cancelled

Tips and Tricks For Dealing With EasyJet Delayed/Cancelled Flights

If you find yourself the victim of a flight delay, this is the how to claim flight delay compensation from EasyJet:

  • Call the airline to confirm the reason for the delay
  • Make sure you collect proof of the delay, such as photos of the Arrival/Departure board, vouchers received for the delay, and receipt of expenses incurred from the delay (taxi travel, hotel room, etc.)
  • Contact an EasyJet representative at the airport and insist on receiving your basic benefits and services from the airline
  • Attempt to exchange contact information with some of the other passengers so you can vouch for each other if need be


Conditions For EasyJet Compensation For Flight Delay

You may be surprised to know the amount they will pay is based on the actual distance of the flight, not the price paid for the flight. Under current EU regulations, the flight must depart at least three hours (some benefits paid for two-hour delays) past the scheduled departure time. Claims for flights can be made up to six years retroactively by filling out an EasyJet flight delay compensation form.

To get an idea of how much you are entitled to, here is a concise breakdown:

Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more
1,500km - 3,500km
3 hours or more
Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more & between 2 EU Member States
Over 3,500km
3-4 hours
Over 3,500km
4 hours

If your flight is delayed, you are also entitled to basic services and benefits:

Additional Information Relating To EasyJet

  • Main hub location in London
  • The airline currently operates between 133 airports in 33 countries, including 17 in the EU
  • EasyJet transports more than 70 million travellers a year on the 254 Airbus
  • EasyJet ranks #2 among major “low-cost” airlines
  • EasyJet regularly experiences delays, with more than one million minutes in delays as recently as 2016
  • Due to the significant delays, EasyJet flight delay compensation is among the most difficult in the industry to collect, as the airline regularly tries to reject claims
  • You may check-in to your EasyJet flight online as far out as 30 days from departure
  • For easier check-in, we highly recommend you download the EasyJet app for your mobile device