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Our mission is to take away the hassle and uncertainty that passengers face when trying to get their compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights.Do you want immediate certainty and direct payment of your flight claim? Look no further. Sell your claim to us. We pay 70% of the compensation (minus VAT) directly to your bank account. 

No further surprises or fees. We take over the risk of collection with the airline.The outcome of claiming yourself or with a traditional no cure no pay organisation is often uncertain and may take a lot of time. We are here to keep things simple. You receive your money instantly and continue with your vacation, business trip etc. without a flight claim to worry about.

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Steve Hill is FDC Claims resident expert on all things relating to the European Regulation 261/2004 and a key contributor on our site, helping raise consumer awareness of regulations in place to ensure travellers are rightfully compensated for disruptions caused to travel by airlines.

Before 2014, huge loophole airlines used was to excuse their delays was using technical problems. Naturally, technical issues on an airliner is a concern; however, it’s also mandatory for airlines to provide secure air transportation; therefore, delays blamed by technical problems are a cause to claim compensation and the airlines must pay.

The only time they aren’t required to pay compensation is due to exceptional circumstances, and the EU regulations are not lax on what is covered. Unless there are specific safety concerns relating to storm force weather, airport runway closures or crews striking (as examples), there are few circumstances when customers are unable to pursue claims against airline operators due to disruptions to their travel plans.

Meet Steve Hill

Steve Hill brings a wealth of experience to the team at FDC Claims in dealing with complex financial issues, mainly across consumer finance, mortgages, retirement planning and life insurance. It’s the recent experience in insurance that Steve has been able to assist consumers in navigating massively misunderstood or misinterpreted legal jargon that’s worded so technical. Consumers aren’t fully aware of their rights and the circumstances where there are legal avenues to pursue to provide adequate remuneration for conditions that affect your travels, whether for business or pleasure, which can be expensed to the airlines when they’re at fault.

With a knack for clear and clutter-free communication, Steve’s advice cuts to the core of problems, letting readers know and comprehend consumer rights and what they can do, even in the most complex of situations.

With over 30 years experience in deciphering financial jargon and working across a broad spectrum of consumer finance that affects us all every day, Steve is well-positioned to become an integral asset to FDC clients and consumers as a whole.

How FDC Claims Help You

  • Was your flight delayed or cancelled?
  • Did you miss your connection?
  • Were you denied boarding?

The FDC Claims team ensure you get what you’re rightfully entitled to! Based on Regulation 261/2004 and our unique compensation calculator, we can help get the remuneration you’re allowed to.

EU Flight Delay Compensation Law

On 23rd October 2012, the European Court of Justice reconfirmed EU

Regulation 261/2004 which defines the circumstances for EU airlines to pay passengers compensation when they suffer significant cancellations or delays to their journeys.

Which airlines are we pursuing claims with?

We work with almost all airlines that operate in and out of Europe and have successfully claimed from over 100 airlines. We deal with claims from all the major airlines, including Thomson, Monarch, British Airways, Jet2, EasyJet, Thomas Cook, KLM, and Ryanair.

At the centre of everything we do is a commitment to you, our client, to offer you the best possible service that we can. We’re here to provide you with an excellent service throughout your claim, and our clients notice our efforts.

By providing us with some fundamental information, FDC Claims can quickly tell you whether we believe that you have a claim under EU Regulations, and how much compensation each passenger could be entitled to.

Assuming you are happy for FDC Claims to represent you, we will collate all of the necessary information and make a claim directly to the airlines on your behalf.

If we cannot resolve the matter with the airline, we can seek assistance from our legal partners, who will even take the airline to court if necessary – all of which is no-win, no-fee!

Whether you are going on a holiday or travelling for business, a delay always means your plans are disrupted. Unfortunately, airlines generally refuse to pay legal compensation. The lack of knowledge, expertise and time are passengers’ main reasons for not following a claim through.

Steve and our team of international experts are here to assist you – we have the solution to your problem.