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Do You Have A Flight Problem?

If you booked flights within the last 6 years that happened to be delayed over for 3 hours or even cancelled; or if you were denied boarding, the airline likely owes you money.

Compensation for delayed flights was created by the European Regulation EC 261/04, which set an industry-accepted fee structure, which guarantees up to £540 for each passenger. We offer you a 100% risk and hassle free service with a £540 average claim value per person. We can also help you claim other additional expenses.


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Our Flight Delay Compensation Process Couldn’t Be Simpler.

All that is required is you add your flight details into our flight delay compensation checker, we will do the rest. Our vast  flight data library will go to work and qualify your claim almost instantly, cross-referencing all our historical data on weather conditions, extraordinary circumstances and technical faults. We’re able to tell you if you have a valid claim and the amount you may be able to claim for.


An Historic ECJ Ruling...

The doors for large scale compensation for lengthy flight delays were thrown open in October 2012 after a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice. It made clear that passengers were owed compensation for long delays (as long as they met the certain set criteria) following a challenge by certain airlines.


Not Everyone Wins

Not every individual has won compensation. Certain airlines have tried to block people from claiming for flights that were over a two years period, and for unforeseeable technical issues; although courts have ruled against this at the close of 2014 and in September 2015.


FDC Claims Are On Your Side

It does not matter if you are flying for business or a holiday, as the traveller, you deserve to get to your final destination based on the promise the airline has given. That promise, of course, is your scheduled arrival time. For many travellers, arriving late can often lead to missed meetings, hotel rooms that are given away, and an entire day of plans being completely ruined. Considering many of today’s airlines depart and/or arrive less than 85 per cent of the time they are scheduled, this is a reality for far too many airline travellers today.

Often, airlines are not even held accountable for failing to deliver travellers as promised, which is where FDC Claims comes in. Airline travel is not cheap. We pay significant money to these airlines on the premise they will be able to deliver us to our destination as promised. When they are unable to do that, there should be a penalty… and there is, but most travellers are completely unaware of the fact they are entitled to receive flight delay compensation when their flight is delayed by three hours or more (some benefits are available for flights delayed by just two hours).

For many passengers, the thought of taking on a major airline is just too daunting to undertake, especially if they have an inexpensive airline ticket. However, what you need to understand is the cost of the ticket is irrelevant. All you need be concerned with is how long of a flight it is, as that is what decides the amount of flight delay compensation the airline will have to pay.

No Hassle Collection of Flight Delay Compensation

Another major point of emphasis that needs to be made is the fact you do not have to fight this battle alone. FDC Claims was established to help defend travellers such as yourself that have been wronged by the airline and are owed compensation. You can file your claim directly through our website and we will represent you with the airlines. While we do collect a small percentage of the penalty paid by the airline, you do not have to deal with any legal fees or interact with the airline in any way, as we take care off all of that as part of the commission you pay to us for acting on your behalf.

How Much Flight Delay Compensation Can I Be Awarded?

This all depends on exactly how long the initial flight was and by how long the flight was actually delayed. At a minimum, you are entitled to 250 and can receive as much as 600. Depending on the circumstances, you are also entitled to free food and beverage as well as free communications. In the most extreme of cases, transportation and lodging costs also have to be covered by the airline. To learn more about the specifics of these flight delay compensation benefits, just visit the page of our website relative to the airline you will be travelling.

How Long Do I Have to Wait?

In all honesty, this will depend on the airline. Sadly, some airlines rely on the fact travellers become impatient and lose interest in their flight delay compensation claims. This is, however, yet another reason why it is beneficial to use FDC Claims, as we will not rest until you receive every penny you have coming to you. All you need to do is fill out our quick and easy flight delay compensation form and we will take it from there!


When Can I Claim Flight Compensation?

If you’ve been delayed reaching your final destination airport in excess of three hours in the past six years, then, as mentioned above you could be able to claim up to 600 Euros (about £520 depending on exchange rates) per passenger. The amounts differ depending on the details of your trip.

To claim, your flight must either depart from the European Union (EU) or arrive into the EU on a European airline.


Fight Delay Compensation Amounts

Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more
1,500km - 3,500km
3 hours or more
Up to 1,500km
3 hours or more & between 2 EU Member States
Over 3,500km
3-4 hours
Over 3,500km
4 hours


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On Average, Only 38% Of Passengers Claim Their Legal Entitlement To Compensation From The Airline.

Eurostat estimates that half of the claims presented are successful giving rise to a ’black hole’ of claims worth £8.3billion.

Airlines have been faulted for not clearly informing the clients of their right to claim as you have a right to a clearly legible notice of the same from the airline.

Don't be another statistic, make a claim through us today!

There are on average 6000 cancelled and 200,000 delayed flights originating from EU airports each month.

These are people who have suffered delays of 3 or more hours and which were not because of extraordinary circumstances. Data originating from the European Commission states that 1.5% of flights in and out of the UK are delayed for one issue or another.

Eurostat statistics suggest around 842 million passengers travel through the EU each year. An investigation by WHICH? showed that more than 9000 flights averaging 97 passengers per flight are delayed for 3 hours or more annually.